All India Restaurant is one of 12 Indian restaurant’s in the Central Pittsburgh area.

‘Central’ Pittsburgh spans downtown to Wilkinsburg and Highland Park to Southside, all walkable and bikeable locations (mostly).

What made us go all-in for All India is first the Vegan Pittsburgh sticker on the door. Vegan Pittsburgh researches and works with food sellers to verify and clearly list all plant-based friendly items on their menus. Restaurants that meet Vegan Pittsburgh’s criteria are given a cool decal to proudly display their plant-based awesomeness to the hungry masses. It makes the search much easier for vegan foodies, Vegan Pittsburgh does all the legwork, we the foodies have but to seek & destroy.

A Buffet you say? All India Restaurant offers a daily lunch and dinner buffet offering a bounty of clearly labeled vegan-friendly foods. We went twice to be sure it was just as awesome the second time around. Oh yes indeed, All India is a keeper! As we ate during our second visit we took the time to mindfully dissect the flavors during the plant-based piggy all-we-can eat spree. What intrigues ecoRDN the most about Indian food is the flavor palette, completely different than anything ‘customary’ in the western world. The exotic bouquets of Indian-based foods is unmatched and truly some of our favorite. From the spicy deep brown garam masalas to the bitter salts of assorted fruit pickles. Lime pickle is a sensory experience not unlike that of Moroccan preserved lemon, you have to try it to truly experience it. ecoRDN admits that life before savory fruit pickles was rather bland.

And so continues this thing of ours, more flavors to savor and contemplate: earthy cumins, citrusy coriander seeds or the astringent flowers of cardamom. The melange transcends the act of survival, we must eat to survive yet we have crafted sustenance into an art of all senses, at once decadent and sublime.

But enough of that reverie. If you like fresh vegan Indian food you MUST check out All India Restaurant for a stunning gallery of awe-inspiring vegan-friendly fare on the regular. They are open 7 days a week, offering a weekly lunch buffet from 11:30am to 2:30pm and dinner starting at 5pm and ending at 10. The Saturday & Sunday lunch buffet begins at noon and goes to 3pm, while the weekend dinner buffet runs from 5 to 10:30.

All India Restaurant also offers discounts for take-out, and students with ID.

It’s also great being foodies who know how to prepare  our own food because ecoRDN enjoys cooking at home as much as we enjoy dining out, honestly sometimes more! Much of the fun is in seeking the best deals for our DIY needs. Whether produce or pulses we seek out the best deals possible utilizing comparison shopping and unit-price research. A simply fantastic food supplier is, as we mentioned before, mere feet from the All India Restaurant. Located at the corner of Craig Street and Centre Avenue in the North Oakland section of Pittsburgh is the ecoRDN staple/favorite, Bombay Food Market.

Bombay Food Market has amazing deals on bulk rice, pulses/beans, oils, herbs and spices. Dried pulses/beans have a long shelf life if kept out of direct light and stored in air-tight containers, so buying bulk makes sense, you end up saving while getting more at the same time.  Herbs and spices can all be frozen as well to enhance shelf life.

Definitely visit Bombay Food Market soon if you’re looking to stock-up on supplies!

Disclaimer: to balance buffet-life ecoRDN participates in the art of Urban Hiking. As an attempt to buffer-the-buffet-bloat we actively commute from home to trough and back again. On the day we loaded up at Bombay Food MartecoRDN split the weight of 28 lbs for the four mile walk that includes ample hills. It’s a great way to see this city and walk off the bloat associated with being an All-In Foodie and active-beings in the Plant-Based Friendly World.

Next Week ecoRDN targets B52 in Lawrenceville!

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Thanks For Reading, Eat Well!!!

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