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Eco is defined as the environment, habitat or surroundings. From the Ancient Greek οἶκος ‎(oîkos, “house, household”). Our house is our being, our body and our mind – the mind being comprised of our choices and outlook.

Eco in this case is used as an acronym of sorts.




Eat, Cook, grOw – means we are actively engaging the living cycle: eating for nourishment, cooking our nourishment and cultivating our ‘home’. Grow your own food literally in a garden and grow your being figuratively, or spiritually: body and mind – your eco, your home.

ecoRDN is a resource for individuals interested in nutrition, cooking, eating and all things plant-based foods. We are not here to convert, judge or disrespect people with other views or lifestyles and we are not associated with any activist groups, a certain 4-letter group in particular.

Please visit the blog to check out the many reviews, try the recipes, or contact me through the Nutrition Works page for more in depth services! 💚💚💚

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