Since 2002 midtown’s famous Bryant Park has hosted New York City’s annual holiday bazaar Winter Village, a seasonal outdoor marketplace stuffed to the eyes with cocoa-craving holiday awesomeness, free ice-skating and ample attention paid to plant-based peoples.


Frank DiPrisco is the plant-based pioneer behind the 80+ vegan vendors offering their compassionate goods to the public. Seen here interviewed by Veganizer Kiki Adami, DiPrisco explains his personal choices for turning plant-based and moving forward without reliance on animal products.

It’s good to be plant based and it’s even better when people have your back!

When ecoRDN got hip to this festival through the NYC Vegetarian & Vegan Meetup we knew it was a must-do on our plant-based to-do list. Unfortunately, we could not make it on that date so we tried it out over the weekend instead. Not being sure if we’d have the luxury to visit more than once we decided to sample a little bit of mostly everything, and the options were many.

Big Shout-Out to the NYC Vegetarian/Vegan Meet-Up!!!

So Much VEGAN!


Marty’s V Burger (animal-free fast-food, the faux-fish is fantastic)


Raaka Chocolate (divine)

Check out their website, book a tour of the factory in Brooklyn or learn how to make your own chocolates!


Soup for the Soul (hearty spicy warm balance of sweet and savory in the ginger carrot soup – perfect on a chill day)

Super Mac + Cheez (just STOP, Super Mac + Cheez is amazing stupid awesomesauce topped with a smoky breadcrumb and facon gratin, STOP IT, I want more now…)

This Pie is Nuts (creamy and rich, these dense nut pies come in various, inviting flavors)

We could not decide on one flavor so got the sampler for days of Pie is Nuts!

Saj Mahal and Chimney Cakes for (second) dessert!

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Bryant Park’s Winter Village is open everyday until January 3, 2016


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