This guide is for the procrastinator like myself. It’s now the 23rd of December and you may be running short on time and out of ideas. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas!

  • T-shirts with a vegan message are always a win! Check out the great t-shirts from local designers at¬†Goods and Evil.

“There are two brains behind Goods and Evil. They strive for balance. ¬†Occasionally they are both good…or both evil. That’s when things get really exciting!”

  • Kitchen gadgets. Most vegans love to cook, but like everyone else they are often short on time. Here are some nifty items that will help to save some time preparing amazing vegan cuisine right at home!


The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker and more. It makes quick work of cooking beans from scratch. And vegans LOVE their beans!


If you really love the vegan on your list a Vitamix or other high powered blender is a great investment. They are pricey but worth it. Great for sauces, spreads, ‚Äúcheese‚ÄĚ, hummus and smoothies.



How about a local and hand forged kitchen knife? The knives from Artifact Metalworks are as sharp and utilitarian as they are beautiful. Perfect for chopping all the veggies!

  • Reusables. As compassionate vegans we care not only about what we put into our bodies but also about what we put into the earth. Here are some items that will help reduce waste while maintaining that stylish look!

Contigo, Ello and Bueno are all inexpensive options for toting around your favorite hot or cold bevvie.

The Cuppow can transform any ordinary mason jar into a travel mug or vessel for carrying your lunch to work.

And the Baggu comes in so many fun designs you will look forward to grocery shopping just to show them off!

  • Vegan books and magazines. Pittsburgh even has a few local bookstores like White Whale¬†in Bloomfield and Nine Stories¬†in Lawrenceville. Wildcard¬†in Lawrenceville sells books as well as a bunch of other cool stuff!

Here are a few books anyone would want to add to their vegan library.

Other foodie related gift ideas from Wildcard.

Or what about a magazine subscription instead? VegNews offers both print and digital subscriptions for a gift that keeps on giving all year!

vegan candy prem

  • Animal Sponsorship-because we don’t all have space in our homes for horses, goats, pigs and turkeys.¬†Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary¬†is located about an hour north of Pittsburgh and offers gift sponsorship which also includes a t-shirt!

“By sponsoring an animal you will help with the care and feeding of that particular critter with 12 monthly payments.¬† All transactions are secure.¬† Animal sponsorship makes a GREAT gift for an animal-loving friend or family member.¬† All animal sponsors will receive a FREE HOPE HAVEN T-SHIRT and have our heartfelt gratitude!!”

  • Food. If you can cook or bake then the product could be a great gift right there. On the other hand if you are not as skilled around the range perhaps a meal delivery subscription would make a more suitable gift. Purple Carrot¬†and Chip and Kale (offers Pittsburgh deliveries only) are two that are 100% plant-based.
  • Drinks. Tis the season for alcohol! And while a bottle or case of something is a quick and easy gift to take to the holiday party or dinner…beware that not all beer, wine and liquor are actually vegan. Barnivore is my go to when deciding on what booze to buy. For a local wine option try Pittsburgh Winery in the Strip, all of their wines are vegan.


  • Thrift store finds.¬†Vegans generally don’t mind the second hand score. Thrift items are more hip, eco-friendly and unique than their department store counterparts. Just please be mindful to avoid the wool, leathers and furs! Here are some of my favorite local shops…

Buffalo Exchange  on the Southside

Thriftique and Goodwill in Lawrenceville

Avalon in Squirrel Hill

  • ¬†Gift cards¬†are as easy as cash but with a little added thought. And who doesn’t love cash? ¬†Its worth giving your favorite business a call to see if they offer them. We know for sure Onion Maiden has them!


Now hurry up and get your shopping done so you can relax and have some fun!

As always, thanks for reading and eat well!

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