Ok, so we are jumping on the avocado toast bandwagon here at ecoRDN! Why? Because it’s delicious, filling (from all that good fat), gorgeous (just look at all the IG posts!) and amazing (amazingly simple and nutritious that is)!

The history of avocado toast is unclear but possibly stems from Australia where it made menu appearances back in the 90’s. The Aussies love putting things on toast, you know?

In 1999 British chef, Nigel Slater may have been the first actual documented recipe creator.   However is a “recipe” really needed? Its avocado smashed or sliced on toast for f’s sake!

And then there was the grand endorsement by Gwyneth Paltrow in her 2013 cookbook, where she included 3 avocado toast recipes, and the rest was just a crazy blur.

So whether you are still smitten or over the avo trend, oh well, whatevs! Here is our take…



  1. avocado (duh)
  2. nice bread
  3. any fruit or veggies you like
  4. any herbs and spices you like
  5. any condiments you like


  1. slice your bread nice and thick, toast if you like
  2. cut a ripe avocado in half, take out the stone, scoop out the avo meats and smash or slice onto your nice bread or toast
  3. add all the other ingredients on top and eat
  4. enjoy!


Let us know your thoughts on avocado toast in the comments below. Or give us a like and a share if you’re feeling the flavorful love!

As always, thanks for reading and eat well!

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