Pittsburghers and beyond LOVE Thai Gourmet!

Thai Gourmet is a Steel City staple. Located at 4505 Liberty Avenue in a cozy lunchroom with table and counter seating, Thai Gourmet offers a relaxed environment and an abundance of vegan-friendly foods.

The portions are gigantic! Split a meal with somebody you love or take a box of leftovers home and enjoy those leftovers later. Thai Gourmet‘s menu is deep, check it out!

ecoRDN frequented Thai Gourmet since 2005, and every meal experience is gold! We were excited to learn they were among the many restaurants in Pittsburgh certified by Vegan Pittsburgh, who serve plant-based friendly foods with clearly marked menus and the flexibility to add, substitute or remove an ingredient from the dish.

Thai Gourmet is always accommodating. In fact, Thai Gourmet will veganize any dish upon request! How sweet!

ecoRDN wanted a walk so we tied our laces and schlepped ourselves down the hillsides of Stanton Heights to Mossfield, the winding road next to the Allegheny cemetery behind Garfield. Mossfield pops you out onto Penn at Millvale. From there we wove ourselves into Bloomfield and the loving arms of Thai Gourmet!

Thinking back, ecoRDN has begun nearly every meal at Thai Gourmet with their lush tofu fresh rolls. Cold, crisp, chewy – we love those mouth feels! The basil finish really freshens the palate. Served with sweet hoisin sauce and peanuts.

On this day we felt adventurous and for the sake of a good review decided to order outside the box. Normally we go with one of many coconut based silky curries on the menu. The pineapple curry is a rich and profound foodie experience! And Thai Gourmet’s Pad Thai is (in our humble opinion) the best in Pittsburgh! So ecoRDN got fresh with the fresh ingredients and set out to traverse new culinary pathways. Deciding on the Nam Prik and Cashew Nut Stir Fry, we dug in with curious hungry anticipation!

Nam Prik is an event! A huge platter of SWEET mung bean curry, with fresh side salad, rice noodles and vegetable tempura. A mash-up of sweet, salty, savory, crunchy, fresh and smooth. This umami bomb kicked us in the teeth with love. Spice level 8, great kick! Just LOOK at that picture!

The Cashew Nut Stir Fry is gravy savory, with stir fried veg, tofu planks and ample cashews in a brown sauce. Spice level 5, decent kick. Peppery, strong and fresh. Served with fragrant white rice.

Thai Gourmet‘s tofu has ecoRDN tongue-tied! Thai Gourmet’s tofu is simply perfect. Toothy, seasoned, and provides a really lovely texture. and when ecoRDN inquired to their technique, Thai Gourmet responded coyly that their tofu method is a secret. So you know it is special! Trade secret, undisclosed to the prying public eyes!

And you cannot go wrong with the price. Thai Gourmet is a super cheap date, with omg huge portions! Try not to eat it all in one sitting.

We finished half our entrees and schlepped the rest home, our bill was a little over $31 including tip. Amazing! We got two full meals out of one perfect dining experience!

Thai Gourmet is GOLD! Go there, then go back again, and again. We do!

Thanks For Reading, Eat Well!

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